Center for Mine Health and Safety

The Center for Mine Health and Safety includes the NIOSH-funded Western Mine Safety and Health Training Resource Center which focuses on mine safety training.

The Center's activities focus around: exposures, risk management, and training.

Key Personnel:

  • Jeff Burgess, MD, MPH, Associate Dean for Research, Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health
  • Eric Lutz, Ph.D., CMSP, Assistant Professor Public Health, Center Director
  • Mary Poulton, Ph.D., Director, Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources
  • Brenda Granillo, MS, Director Mountain West PIRL
  • Stephanie Griffith, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Public Health
  • Rustin Reed, Research Coordinator Public Health
  • Vivien Lee, Coordinator for Mining Institute for Supervisor Leadership
  • Steve Gravley, CMSP, Director San Xavier Mine, Safety Trainer
  • Laurie Wilson, MA, Research Coordinator and Trainer
  • Leonard Brown, MSc, Software Designer for Safety Training Games
  • Michael Peltier, Programmer for Safety Training Games
  • Carl Herring, Graphic Artist for Safety Training Games
  • Brittany Hart, Marketing Specialist

Current and Recent Projects:

Exposures -

  • Biodiesel Emission Exposure in Underground Mining
  • Thermal Stress in Hot Underground Mines
  • Evaluation of In-ear  Noise Dosimetry in Underground Mining
  • Mine Community Arsenic Exposure

Risk Management -

  • Impact of Formal Risk Management System on Lost Time Injuries
  • Health/ Safety Economics
  • Age, Injuries, and Costs in the Mining Industry
  • Fatalities and Disasters in Coal Mining

Training -

  • High Performing Trainer Clinic
  • Active Learning Strategies for Trainers
  • Serious gaming simulations for training (English-Spanish)
  • Translated training materials into Spanish
  • Mining Institute for Supervisor Leadership
  • Professional Miner and Leadership Training