Certificate in Mining Studies

The Certificate in Mining Studies has a flexible timetable. Working on the Certificate while working full time at your current job will take approximately 2 years. Some students choose to take all of their courses in one summer allowing them to then complete the Certificate within a condensed time period. The choice is yours.

How to Apply

To apply send your application materials to the Project Coordinator, Sherri Raskin, (sherri@email.arizona.edu). Your cover letter must include the following main points:

  • current and past experiences in the mining industry
  • why you would like to participate in the Certificate Program
  • how you think it would benefit your career and the mining industry
  • the time duration you expect it will take you to complete the program
  • transcripts from previous degrees

Your application will be collected and reviewed.

Application Forms

Fill out and email the PDF form.


Fill out and email the Word form.

How to Register

Once you have been approved for acceptance (see How to Apply above), you will be e-mailed explaining how to register and pay your registration fee. When registration is completed and payment has been received you will be able to enroll in short courses and start working through the on-line courses remotely.

If you have questions please e-mail sherri@email.arizona.edu