Global Mining Law Center

The Global Mining Law Center is a collaboration between the James E. Rogers College of Law and the Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources.

The Center features online Master of Legal Studies and Master of Law programs.

Key Personnel:

  • John Lacy, JD, Director
  • Mary Poulton, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Mining Engineering, Geosciences, Law, Public Health
  • Brent White, JD, Professor of Law
  • James Hopkins, JD, Clinical Professor of Law
  • James Anaya, JD, Regents Professor of Law
  • Steve Ralbovsky, JD, Affiliate Faculty
  • Mark Savit, JD, Affiliate Faculty
  • Luke Danielson, JD, Affiliate Faculty
  • Timothy R. Snider, Affiliate Faculty
  • Douglas B. Silver, Affiliate Faculty
  • David Hammond, Ph.D., Affiliate Faculty