New Laser Ablation ICP-MS Facility

We have now opened a new analytical services facility with state-of-art Laser Ablation ICP-MS with Cetac LSX-213 ND:YAG laser and full sample preparation facilities.

Mineral Chemistry as Exploration Vector: Greenrocks Analysis

The trace-element chemistry of distal alteration minerals, especially epidote and chlorite, is becoming increasingly popular with exploration and mining companies seeking to distinguish potentially mineralized volumes of rock from barren ones. An extensive study headed by the AMIRA research group in Australia found that enrichment in some elements in epidote, particularly Sb, As, and Pb, correlates to larger and better-mineralized porphyry Cu deposits. Epidote trace-element composition has also been used as a vector to exploration in VMS (volcanogenic massive sulfide) deposits. Similarly, the concentrations of Ti, Li, K, Ca, Pb, Co, Sr, Ba, and other trace elements in chlorite has been linked to distance from porphyry centers, providing a tool for mapping thermal structures of large land areas and isolating zones of higher mineralizing potential.

We currently offer trace-element analyses of zircons, apatites, and carbonates and are developing techniques for epidote and chlorite, particularly with respect to their use in vectoring to mineral deposits

For information and pricing contact Dr. Isabel Barton.