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New technology coming out of Tucson could potentially do what the virtual fence at the border failed to do above ground.

Video clip of mining competition

The study will determine the health effects of biodiesel-blend fuels in the mining community and shed light on the beneficial or negative effects on the everyday citizen exposed to biodiesel-blend fuels through vehicular emissions.

Faculty members who can channel their passion for discovery and academics equally into fundraising add tremendous value to the University of Arizona

A new University of Arizona-based training center has formed to improve how students and miners are taught the science and art of mine safety.

Second annual awards by UA's commercialization arm will recognize those whose work affects quality of life through research, collaboration and innovation.
Ensuring community access to seeds remains a vital issue, and Gary Nabhan of the UA's Southwest Center is one of the organizers of the event.

In spring 2015, the UA SRP participated in the University of Arizona’s Walk Across Arizona and the UA4Food charitable campaign.

UA SRP Director Raina Maier appeared as a Scientific American guest blogger on the topic of the Earth’s microbiome.

UA SRP graduate trainee Linnea Honeker received a P.E.O. Scholar Award for the 2015-2016 school year.

The UA Water Resources Research Center is hosting its "Indigenous Perspectives on Sustainable Water Practices," drawing representatives from Arizona tribes, the UA, Northern Arizona University, governmental agencies and the Arizona Legislature.
Sampling the world's oceans aboard the Tara Oceans research vessel, a UA-led international team uncovered new information about the ways marine viruses and microbes interact.
The Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture has become one of the world's most influential global platforms for exploring innovations toward sustainable agriculture and food security.
Retail giant Walmart will use the software of UA startup SinfoníaRx to monitor prescription medications — a textbook example of how TLA and tech transfer work at the UA.
The new, interdisciplinary Center for Mediterranean Archaeology and the Environment is tackling the mysteries of how the "cradle of civilization" dealt with deluges and droughts.
When most Americans spend the majority of their lives indoors, what does that mean for their relationship to the environment? UA instructor Eric Magrane is pushing for a different appreciation.

In March and April, 2015, UA SRP returned to Tohono O’odham Community College for additional pilot testing of the Mining and Environmental Educational Modules for Tribal Colleges.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency awarded first place and $150,000 to UA faculty for their method of predicting reported cases of the chikungunya virus.
This month's overseas trip by a University delegation, focused on parallel asteroid-sample missions and more, provides another example of how the UA has extended its international reach.
Tech Launch Arizona saw another record year with more than 200 invention disclosures, the formation of 12 startup licensee companies and more than $2.1 million in revenue from royalties and patent reimbursements for intellectual property at the UA.